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cdl training near me get paid while training for cdl

CDL Training Near Me – Get Paid While Training for your CDL

When you think about the US Economy, Truck Driving Jobs may not be your first thought. However, think about all the ways trucking touches your daily life.

From your morning stop at Starbucks to your trip to the grocery store, and everything in between. Trucking and Truck Drivers are an integral part of the US Economy. Delivering goods and moving freight from coast to coast.

We keep the economy rolling!

Lucky for you, the Trucking Industry is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of drivers that keeps getting worse.

Trucking companies are scrambling to hire and train new drivers at an alarming rate. So the time is NOW for you to learn more about a career in trucking.

There are opportunities to change your life and earn upwards of $60,000 per year once you have your CDL with little to no experience.

This article will walk you through the steps of:

  • Finding the right CDL Trucking School
  • Participating in Paid CDL Training Programs
  • Becoming a new CDL Driver
  • Applying for your first CDL Job

We can also help you apply to multiple jobs and schools with one click!

Paid CDL Training Near Me – Learn to drive a truck and get paid up to $3500 while you train.

Due to the need for drivers, trucking companies are offering major incentives, bonuses, and benefits to acquire new drivers. One of the best programs out there is paying drivers up to $500 a week while they train to be a driver. Your typical Full Time CDL Training Program runs for about 7 weeks.

So companies are willing to pay you up to $3500 for you to earn your license as long as you take a job with them at the end of completing your driver program.

Get Paid While Training For CDL

As you can see the table have turned, where before drivers would need to pay for their schooling and finish their full time program without pay or while working a second job int he evenings. Now companies will pay you to get your CDL License and will offer you a guaranteed job as long as you pass all the required tests and hours of training.

Most companies will even have you shadow and run with existing drivers to get you going once you start on the job. The best kind of on the job training is riding with an experienced trucker who can teach you the ins and outs of moving freight across the country.

While there are still trucking schools that will charge you and train you independently of a trucking company, the option to be paid while learning has become a more attractive one.

Remember Nothing is truly FREE, so while your training may be free and you get paid for your time in the program, you are committing yourself to drive for that company once you have completed your training.

With that in mind make sure you research the different options that are available to you before you sign on the dotted line.

You may now be asking yourself: “How do I get the best paid CDL training near me?” We’re here to show you…

CDL School Near Me

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Trucking School – The Best Nationwide & Local Truck Driving Schools

Here’s a list of company paid training programs that can help you to get your CDL for free and also pay you while you train.

Company paid cdl training with sign on bonus

These are great finds, Trucking schools that not only pay you while you get your training, but they also offer a sign on bonus for starting your program.

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CDL Training Near Me – Get Paid While Training for your CDL

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