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Truck drivers have a new way to find high-quality truck driving jobs. Instead of filling out countless applications with different trucking companies, a driver can go to a website and fill out one application that is then viewed by hundreds of trucking companies also signed up with the website. This website puts truckers and trucking companies together, matching capabilities with requirements. The drivers will have their information go to many more potential employers than they could ever contact on their own, or even know about.

Suppose a truck driver is driving for a company he or she is not real happy with, but can not take the time off driving to apply at multiple trucking companies for a better job? Now they can go online to to fill out one complete application and continue driving while multiple companies look at their qualifications. The website database will match a driver with all the companies looking for their set of skills and experience. The truck driver can check their laptop periodically as they travel to see what results there are. This can be an easier way to find a high paying job in the trucking industry.

Trucking companies look for various kinds of truck drivers including experienced drivers, owner-operators, company drivers, recent truck driving school graduates, and new drivers needing training. These companies hire cdl drivers and class A drivers that they see on this website. There are 98 carriers who use this site. They are looking for good, qualified truck drivers. This database is one place for them to view the applications of truck drivers they would otherwise not know about.

This website does not charge truck drivers for their service. The database lists companies hiring drivers and truck drivers looking for jobs. It lists companies offering truck lease purchase opportunities. The website also has trucking news and bulletins, a trucking forum, and a trucking job newsletter for those who sign up. These can all be very helpful sources of information for new and experienced truck drivers spending large amounts of time on the road. Looking for a job while earning money on the road is better than taking time off to look. If a driving job ends and a new one is needed fast, this website might be a good way to find that driving job. There are truck drivers wanted by hundreds of trucking companies. Having a driver’s application listed with this website can match them with one or more of those companies. For more information, go to the website.

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