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Truck Owner Operator

Truck driving jobs provide a great deal of flexibility. They allow the driver to know just what to expect every day, and how many hours they will work each week. Driving commercial vehicles can be a good career if a person has the right licenses, and if they devote enough time to career advancement.

If someone wants to answer an ad for truck drivers wanted, they must first attend driving school, where they will learn the skills necessary to pass an exam and safely operate commercial vehicles. It is important for a potential driver to choose a school that offers job placement assistance, and one that will give them the tools for success.

What Type of Training is Required?

To be a truck driver, individuals don’t have to do much training. However, to have the greatest opportunity, a potential driver should attend some type of truck driving school. A good truck driving school can give a person the skills to pass the exam in about a week; after which they will receive a CDL license. Truck driving schools can help drivers find jobs, and teachers can leave students with insight as to what can be expected from a career as a truck driver.

Income Potential

Earnings are dictated by location, license type, travel type and other factors. Most drivers can expect to make about $30,000 per year when working with heavier trucks as a beginner. Starting salaries are decent, especially when considering that a four-year degree is not a necessity.

Like other career types, work experience pays in the truck driving field. Most companies pay $55,000 or more, and they only hire cdl drivers. Over a period, salaries can yield medical and dental insurance benefits, as well as vacation and sick leave. Drivers should consider more than base pay when deciding to work with a specific company.

The Highest-Paying Trucking Jobs

The most lucrative trucking jobs are usually those involving the transport of hazardous chemicals, which require Class C licensing. Depending on a driver’s willingness to take long-haul jobs, pay can increase substantially. These high stress jobs are ideally suited to younger drivers who have no pressing commitments at home, and who don’t mind staying away for long periods.

With the number of available career choices and trucking companies, any driver can find a high paying job. By learning what’s required, and what to expect, drivers can find the highest-paying positions in the trucking industry.

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